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Gold Standard Auction has purchased rare coins, currency, antiques, and estates from thousands of satisfied customers in cities throughout the world. Our coin experts and estate specialists will give you a no-obligation offer on all your items.

Gold Standard Auctions would not have made it this far without the highest standards of honesty, integrity, and fairness.

If you have a valuable rare coin collection, Gold Standard Auction will be the first and last place you will go.

Gold Standard Auctions can offer sellers premium prices on their items because of its international network of buyers. No other company offers valuable coin collections to hundreds of thousands of buyers around the world in order to achieve the best offer.

Selling Gold & Silver to Gold Standard

At Gold Standard, we are the trusted rare coin dealers and estate specialists that buy, sell, and trade over 10,000 products, so there is a very good chance we will buy any gold, silver, platinum, or palladium product you want to sell. We buy rare coins, estates, and collections from customers all over the world and offer secure methods of product transportation.

How it Works

1 Contact us via Email or Phone, or fill out our submission form for a rare coin appraisal.

2 We will offer cash or recommend consigning the items for auction.

3 Shipping or travel arrangements will be made to acquire the items.

4 Sellers will be paid and satisfaction is guaranteed.

Why Sell to Gold Standard

Gold Standard Auctions sells valuable and rare coin collections and estates all over the world. Our coin auction and appraisal experts are able to assess items and make recommendations on how to achieve the best prices. With thousands of satisfied customers, Gold Standard’s commitment to honesty and transparency has proven to be a successful business model.

Choose How You Get Paid

When your shipment arrives, your products will be unpacked and authenticated in a secure vault. Assuming there are no discrepancies in the quality or quantity of your products, payment is released in one to three business days. You can choose how you want to be paid.

Contact us and see what your coin collection or estate is worth!