Gold Standard Auctions buys and consigns collectibles from all over the world.


We Buy and Consign:

• All U.S. coins from 1793 to present (Up to $10,000,000 per coin)

• Gold, silver, copper, and nickel coins (Up to $1,000,000 per coin)

• U.S. and foreign paper money (Up to $1,500,000)

• Foreign Coins (Up to $500,000)

• Jewelry (All types regardless of condition) (Up to $650,000)

• Gold and silver bullion (Up to $1,000,000)

• Diamonds (Up to $500,000)

• Certified rare collectible coins (Up to $10,000,000)

• Vintage instruments (Up to $250,000)

• Military memorabilia (Up to $100,000)

• Antique firearms (Up to $75,000)

• Pocket and wrist watches (Up to $700,000)

• Pocket knives (Up to $25,000)

• Antique toys (Up to $35,000)

• Proof and mint sets (Up to $5,000)

• Designer clothes and bags (Up to $25,000)

• Estates and trusts (Appraisal experts will evaluate entire estates including property and vehicles) (Up to $25,000,000)


Our expert staff will evaluate collections and give the highest prices regardless of whether you are an experienced collector, or have just inherited a collection.


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